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The Journey

Die Windpomp began its quirky life as an AFDA Film School short film in 2011 in Cape Town. The short film went on to receive 11 AFDA awards and became AFDA’s official entry into the Student Oscars, giving us something really cool to boast about!

During a screening of the short, the fine folks at ZenHQ Films were so blown away, after hoisting their jaws up from the floor they immediately optioned the film to expand it into a full-length feature film for the whole quirky world to see. Like The Notebook and Benjamin Button, Die Windpomp is destined to be the talked about film of 2013, even without Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling.


There's Something in the Water…

The Windmill is a beautiful, humorous and quirky love story that revolves around 17 year Henri who arrives on the doorstep of an oddly familiar retirement village. Henri's world is soon infested by garden ornaments, bingo nights and weird and wonderful behavior. Henri is taken under the wing of a kind, elderly neighbor, who, for some odd reason, forces him to take regular baths at her house after purposely damaging Henri’s plumbing!

During a sneaky late night cigarette, Henri follows five silhouetted figures into a forest and finds more than he expected – elderly folks diving into a vast expanse of water, a windmill rising from its moonlit center. A beautiful young girl appears from amongst the darkness and introduces herself as Margot – Henri is immediately smitten by his mysterious new friend.

But not everything is at it seems in Henri's world…
ZenHQ Films

ZenHQ Films is a leading film and TV production company based in Cape Town and headed up by owners Chris Roland and Lee-Ann Cotton, with a satellite office in Los Angeles managed by John Michaels. The company's main focus is film and television development, financing, production and distribution for the international market.

Chris and Lee-Ann have been involved in a diverse range of films and TV that have won or been nominated for Oscar, Golden Globe, SAFTA and several festivals, including the sci-fi series Charlie Jade, Hotel Rwanda (Don Cheadle, Sophie Okonedo), Stander (Thomas Jane, Deborah Kara-Unger), Darfur (Billy Zane, Kristanna Loken, David O'Hara), Three Needles (Lucy Liu, Olympia Dukakis), Man To Man (Kirsten Scott-Thomas, Joseph Fiennes), Saturdays are for the Dead and the recently wrapped film The Forgotten Kingdom, a beautiful love story slated for release in 2012.

John Michaels is a former VIP Medienfonds executive having been involved in over 58 films, including Monster (Charlize Theron), Alpha Dog (Bruce Willis, Justin Timberlake), and The Punisher (John Travolta).

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