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Hendri, played by Armand Greyling, is one bored teenager. After being forced to
move in with his grandfather, Hendri is confronted by the eccentric and colourful
lifestyles of his new elderly neighbours in a retirement village.

Armed with a dry wit, a pair of binoculars and the growing suspicion that he is
more of an alien in this world than he could have ever predicted, Hendri sets
out on a journey of self-discovery, romance and unearthing the mysteries of
his new world.


Kind and elderly neighbour, Tannie Marietjie, takes a reluctant Hendri under her
wing. More than keeping him fed, Marietjie invites (forces) Hendri to come and
take regular baths at her house after a mild catastrophe regarding the plumbing
at Grandpa's house.

Tannie Marietjie, the mother figure to the group of friends, introduces Hendri to
the wonders of life in a retirement village and even more, to a friendship
beyond either of their imaginings.


Margot, sarcastic yet charming, gives ballet lessons to toddlers during the
holidays. With the retirement village as her playground, Margot often
drags a reluctant Hendri along on her impromptu adventures, often with
unintended consequences.

However the biggest adventure of all, romance, is one that she is fully
prepared for.


The doctor to the good folks of Winterbessie Dagbreek, Rossouw's path
of responsibility becomes twisted and uncertain.

As the unspoken leader of the group of friends, furtively known as the
"Secret Keepers", Rossouw is torn between doing his duty, protecting the
ones he loves and guarding the secret that threatens to destroy it all.